Wizkid finally addresses recent beef with Davido

In an interview with Olisa Adibua on his new TV
program called The Truth, Wizkid opened up on
his recent beef with Davido. Below is what he
“That situation was just so funny to me
because we were all on the same flight. I
got back, I was really tweeting about my
show. I was talking about myself. I had a
show in New York before that, that was like
a year ago, or two years ago, it was sold
out, sound was bad, venue we used was
crazy….it was f**ked up. I land for airport
nah, I was going to my hotel, drove
through the venue, I saw my name in
lights, and I saw my venue and I was like
“Wow! This is me?” Came down, took a
picture , posted it – I do proper shows,
proper venues. People started catching
feelings” Continue…
“Everyone should be mad at that. If that
was the case, then everyone like Iyanya,
everyone that has done shows in the US
should say something.
“When I saw that, it was funny. It was all
just play. I no get time abeg. I do proper
shows. So if you get mad at that, that
means, why you mad? You don’t do proper
shows, proper venues? Why are you mad? I
wasn’t talking about nobody. I was
promoting my show. I feel like if I’m doing
something for myself, happy about my
success and you are hating at my success,
I don’ know what to say to you. Should I
consider you as a friend or foe? I don’t
When Olisa asked him if he would consider
Davido as a friend, Wizkid said…
“Me I’m cool with everybody. I’m easy with
everyone. If you don’t come at me, I won’t
come at you. If you pray for me, I pray for
you. If you swear for me, I go swear make
God punish you! ”
I have a 3 year old son. I have more
important issues to deal with in my life. I
have real life problems. I’m not into no
beefs. I’m just trying to survive. Live my
He also said his new album will be his last with