Falz: Deep Down Inside I’m A Shy Guy; I have to put on a Character Every Time I Go Out

Falz Promo Photo (2)In the latest issue of tw magazine, FalztheBahdGuy is interviewed and he chats with the magazine about his inspiration for songs, growing up with lawyers in his family, his genre of music and much more.

The young rapper also talks about the fact that his music persona aside, he is really a shy person.

Read excerpts from his interview below!

On his personality: Deep down inside, I’m a shy guy, I have to put on a character every time I go out and that’s what this entertainment industry is all about. Every single time you are putting on a show, and you have to keep it up.

On his skits on Instagram: I never expected it to go that far. It’s good to know a lot of people now are more interested in me as an entertainer and are paying more attention to my music as well, which is well.

On the inspiration for ‘Marry Me’: I just observed that there’s a wedding culture not necessarily a marriage culture. A lot of people are concerned about getting engaged and having a ceremony, when they eventually get married…It’s something that everyone can relate to.

On his genre of music: My brand is razz, yuppy and cool. That’s the idea behind it. It’s supposed to have that razz feel so when you hear any Falz track, you know that is Falz.

On passing a message with music: I still hold high the importance of making sense with music, As much as I am funny and try to be witty, I still want to make sense with the message in my music.

To read his full feature, pick up a copy of the latest issue of tw magazine.

Photo Credit: TCD Photography


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