Uti Nwachukwu: Writes 3 Issues Nigerian Leaders Should Start Rebuilding With

Uti NwachukwuNigerian model, actor and TV personality Uti Nwachukwu has written a new piece exclusively for BN.

In this new piece he talks about politics in Nigeria and the 3 issues of Nigeria that its leaders should address.


I don come again o!!! Yes I know that’s what some will be saying! Well get used to it cos Baba Jesus won’t let me disappear anytime soon ()

So I’m not one to delve into political matters but at 32, i think it would be cowardly not to share my thoughts and speak up for my generation and MY KIND!

Now it’s a bit worrisome when people come to me to ask me what’s the state of Naija now!? Is it time to relocate? Wetin I fit do if I come back?
Yes I’m going to say it here. I’m one of those that say Abeg if you have a well-paying job.. stay back now. Unless you are coming back to be employed as an expatriate, work in an oil company or *clears throat * go into politics. Because if you do not own a business empire or if you’re not the leading choice in your field (like say entertainment, import/export, Agriculture..etc) THEN DONT BOTHER FOR NOW O…cos you cannot cope!
About 6 or 7 of my friends have actually come to see for themselves and they ran back with their shoes on their heads saying : men Una de try o! How do you cope?!!! I was like ohoooo oooo! No oooo Lol.
Don’t get me wrong o…home is home and there’s nothing better than that. But if you have spent a long Time outside the country, you will literally run mad trying to settle back here.
Now what were their issues……

No 1 .. POWER!!!!!
It’s absurd!!! LUDICROUS (my favorite word Hehe), UNTHINKABLE! INSULTING!! That at this stage we still suffer loss of electricity?!!! How can little businesses survive?! There are young people trying to start out businesses  but they collapse because over 70% of their capital and or profit  is spent on running their generators!! Even the big ones charge you an arm and a leg to patronize their services just because they run their generators almost 24 hours a day! A generator in every home has now been accepted as a norm! Smh smh smh!!! I know how much I have paid just to enjoy interrupted 24hours electricity supply!!! It’s ridiculous!!! My friend Cheri once said it’s all about division of gain…REALLY??? At the expense of the common man?!!!! It’s so so bad that sometimes you hear people saying ..’ahh this one that there has been ‘Light’ since morning ..now it’s afternoon and them never take am. We go hear am for the next few days o!’  Or you hear..”them don really try today OOO!!!” Wait try for what ?? For executing what we are paying for?!!! Gattttssssbyyyyy!!!! Have we really been pushed to accept this level of mediocrity??! Na wah o!!! You know WE ARE NOT ASKING MUCH FROM OUR LEADERS..we know Rome wasn’t built in a day! But habah!!! POWER!! Power!! Power!!! Give us power Na???abeeeg!
You see once we have steady power supply. A LOT OF THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! THIS IS THE TRANSFORMATION WE ARE ASKING FOR… let’s start from power at least!!! 24hours supply every day!!! We can do it!!!! And watch as our youth thrive!!

SMH. Don’t even get me started here. We are not even talking about the apparent national security issues. We are talking about day to day security! Going out and coming in! Response to threat! Execution of Justice! Protecting the life of the everyday man. Let me put it this way. I think we would all feel safer if we all had our own entourage of security (pun intended)… OUR LEADERS NEED TO BEEF UP SECURITY IN EVERY LGA! I rest my case.

My goodness! Shoutout to the Nigerian doctors that work hard every day to use their limited resources to save lives. But meeeen! Even the so called good hospitals a times are unbelievably unprofessional. Kai kaikai!!! Where do I start here? Is it the case of my relative that had kidney stones and it took 3days to detect after how many scans (we literally had to have agreement prayer and the next day it was detected…smh) I won’t even tell you what they were suggesting at first! Or a friend who had a condition that required a simple fluid extraction but our dear naija were suggesting amputation?! Or is it the cases where malignant (cancerous) tumors were removed like they were benign (non-cancerous??) which led to a more aggressive spread of the disease months later?!! Is it the maternal deaths? Is it the state of the average hospitals?? WHERE SHOULD I START….do you know how many people have to fly out of the country to get proper diagnosis and effective long term treatment? Even simple checkup routines sef o!!
COME ON DEAR LEADERS!! Instead of joining the others to fly out to receive great healthcare, why not rectify and develop our hospitals to international state of the art standards so we can all enjoy the benefits!!

There are other issues from JOBS to Education to transportation to Injustice but if I touch on it. Una go say e too long. Lol.
But REALLY THO! We need LEADERS that can at least start with these 3 simultaneously! Is it really too much to ask?? WE CAN AFFORD IT!  Our international reputation is dwindling day by day! The young people are earnestly searching for ways to travel out or hustle here in Nigeria via any MEANS POSSIBLE to survive.  Countries are beginning to treat our citizens like they are doing us a favour by accommodating them. Smh
Change and transform this country and watch it blossom and become one of the most sort after!

I don’t know it all. And I’m not perfect. I’m simply a man that relates with the everyday man and now it’s time to let people out there know exactly what we want. I know and believe Nigeria is a great and wonderful country! Our potentials are endless and possibilities limitless! With God on our side WE WILL SUCCEED!! It’s not about promises. It’s about execution
It starts……….NOW
And remember,


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