I haven’t solicited for help here for a while now but this person needs our help urgently. 29 year old Seyi Oguntade (pictured left) got electrocuted by a high tension wire on the 27th of March 2014.

Seyi, a former truck off-loader with haulage company Billy James Nigeria LTD in Apapa had gone to offload goods at a company with the driver of the company’s truck on that fateful day but when they got there, the company security told them it was too late to offload anything, that they should come back the next morning. Because it was a long journey back to where they were coming from, Seyi and the truck driver decided to spend the night there until morning. They then parked their truck under an electric pole and slept inside. During the night, a high tension wire fell on the truck, electrocuting the men. The truck driver died instantly, Seyi lost his face.

He’s currently in LUTH and needs about N10million for reconstructive surgery. Above right is Seyi’s mother, wife, his two children and his brother.

To donate: First Bank – Saint Vincent The Paul – 2026864396 (they are the ones raising money for him). Those abroad can donate here You can also call these numbers – Mr Oguntade 08097669326 or Remi 07034917122 for more info.

See a photo of what Seyi looks like now…but please be warned,
it’s very graphic.

Seyi with his father

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