Rapper Wale Talks to Fans on Why He Wants to Move Back to Nigeria | Announces a Collaboration with Don Jazzy & Reekado Banks

Wale Visits Miami Radio StationAmerican rapper of Nigerian descent, Wale, expressed yesterday that he is interested in moving back to Nigeria for a while.

Irrespective of Boko Haram, the falling value of Naira, the upcoming elections and more, Wale is determined to come to Nigeria in a bid to bridge a gap between the American music scene and the Nigerian music scene.

Wale, who has been in Nigeria briefly in the past few months, first shared a tweet that got a lot of reactions:

Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_39_10 PM

His fans and followers were quick to jump on it and offer their opinions while also asking questions. He took his time to answer a number of them:

Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_39_58 PM

Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_40_45 PM
Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_41_32 PM
Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_44_39 PM
Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_44_00 PM
Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_54_23 PM Screenshot - 2_20_2015 , 3_55_13 PM

What do you think? Is his decision to come back to Nigeria a good move?


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