Versatile comedy actor, Charles Inojie, and Helen Paul have dazzled in a new blockbuster movie, Mr Potosky. Produced from the stables of De-Kross Movie Productions, Mr Potosky has been tipped to set a new pace in Nollywood.

The multi-million naira film, directed by Amayo Uzo-Philip, also stars Bishop Imeh and Chike Anyawu among others. It will be officially released on Friday, 27 February.
Christopher Ozoemena, the Chief Executive Officer of De-Kross Movie Productions, who produced the movie, assured that Mr Potosky will surpass the sheer success recorded by many of his previous movies.
Ozoemena, who has produced multiple award-winning movies like Total War, Caught in the Act, Beauty and the Beast, The Maidens, The Kingdom and Aki the Blind, said he has shot glamorous and serious stories in the past, but decided to wow movie buffs with something more soothing this time around.
“So, I had to get those who know how to act comedy that has direction and moral lesson because I always want people to learn after watching my films. I got wonderful actors, director and technical crew who did a great job on this movie,” he reiterated.

The film is reaching out to families who don’t teach their wards good morals. Potosky, played by Charles Inojie, is a cook to a Senator. The Senator has a problem with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and he was arrested. Then Potosky, who thought the Senator would never return, went to his village with his master’s money, cars, clothes and other valuables.

Potosky started deceiving girls in the village to the extent that parents were forcing their female children to seduce him, and he eventually impregnated many of them. He also duped some of them financially by the time he was broke.

“The message of the film is for people to believe in themselves and be contented with what God has given them. People should not be carried away with material things –don’t judge people by the cars they drive or the clothes they wear,” Ozoemena, popularly known as De-Kross stated.


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