Tinsel actress, Joju Mose in a recent interview with Mary Ekah talks about her career, sex life and why she prefers sex toys to men


You look more like a tomboy. Are you in a relationship at all?
No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I am not a tomboy but I come across as a tomboy to people because I’m always on my snickers, T-shirt and jeans. I feel comfortable in those things. I don’t feel comfortable putting on dresses, gown, they don’t make me work fast. They don’t make me do things fact. I just prefer that simple, on-the-toe kind of dressing. Sometimes I go out without make up, if I see that making up will take a lot of my time. I just go without any make up.

You must have been in one relationship or another at some point in your life. Isn’t it?

You know there are some kind of relationship that you would know, yes, this is a relationship. I have never had kind of relationship. My longest relationship was three and half years. My shortest was a day.

Three and half years is that not a relationship?
It wasn’t a relationship like that. For the three and half years, it was off and on.

The guy wasn’t committed and at some point I was oh I have had enough. Now I need to focus on something else aside love.

Do you yearn for a serious relationship?
Not yet because I’m not ready for anything serious. Relationships are time consuming and a distraction to me. And right now, it’s me, myself, my career, my family and my happiness. A man in the picture is not what I want right now. If something comes up, I don’t think it would be with an Africa man.

I am not really into African guys.

Have you dated a white guy before?
Yes and it was a fantastic relationship. But he had to travel back to his base. And I wasn’t willing to leave my country because it was at that point I was about to take my career by the horn and just make something out of it. I couldn’t have left at that point.

Like how many sex toys do you have?
About four, the G-Spot stimulator, the rabbit, vibrator and one other, I can’t remember the name right now.

Have you ever falling in love before?
Oh yes, when I was still very naïve (laughs).

What is your take on acting nude?

Someone like me for instance, if I get a script, if the reason for me to go nude is sensible enough, why not? But there should be a story behind you going nude.


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